Blogging mistakes

I am a new Blogger and many of you reading this post also might be a beginner in this field. Being to new to this field I  make plenty of mistakes sometimes I learn at a sudden glance and at times its takes really long for me to correct my mistakes. So, in the middle of all this process, I felt that many beginners like me also might be facing the same situation, So, here I am with a Blog with all the solutions.

Now coming right up to the Blogging Mistakes and their solutions:

Mistake No. 1- Going for Ideas which interest-only you

This is a very common mistake made by all of us, I know like me you also get sudden Ideas bumping in your head and you feel "That's it!!! I have got the perfect idea for my next blog post" but you need to take a break here. This idea, taking a random entrance may or may not be good when it comes to opening it up with your audience. Don't just make a sudden plan, instead note down all those stuff and compare it with your highly viewed blog, this will give you a direction.

Mistake No. 2- Stiff Writing

You might have read some blogs that sound like boring lectures which each one of us wants to skip, well don't go for this with your blog. Make your bog easy to read and make it interesting. Some great bloggers use a funny way of interacting with their audience which generates interest within the readers and they don't feel like leaving the blog in the middle. 

You can also use the teaching and talking method while writing your blog, just go with the same flow as you are explaining things to someone and that's it, your blog will sound like a conversation which will make your audience stay long and interested in reading your writings.

Mistake No. 3- Posting just Stories

Blogging mistakes

Delivering a long two to three paragraphs of stories is not a good idea people come to your blog to get the desired information and knowledge, not for long stories, go for a really short description of your experience, just to make your audience gain interest and then go for the informative scene. Provide valuable and engaging content explaining different parts of the blog in a very easy manner.

Mistake No. 4-Starting Off with a Big Topic

No doubt, choosing a topic to write a blog, is really tough and while this selection, beginners often make a mistake of choosing a big topic. Choosing a topic that has a lot to describe sometimes turns out to skipping many points. Along with this, the competition is really high on such big and famous topics. You will find that there are many people writing on the same topic which will make you also one among the crowd.

Avoid such mistake and go for a topic that is easy to explain and has less competition. 

Mistake No. 5- Jumbled thoughts and No editing

Your Blog must be properly arranged and must have flow while reading. This will make the readers stay at your blog until the end. The thoughts presented by you must be well arranged and going for a stepwise instruction can be highly beneficial for your Blog. This will make it easy for your audience to follow the guidelines and they will understand the concept in a better manner.

Mistake No. 6- No Research

Blogging mistakes

Don't just start off writing, it is required that first, you must go for good research work. Analyse the entire topic make notes of the important points. write down your ideas and your point along with research, then start your blog. A proper search will not only help you to increase your knowledge but also make you write an excellent piece of work. This will also be highly beneficial to your audience as they will have the entire thing in one place. 

Mistake No. 7- Copying Content

Google is really smart and it will catch you if you go for a cheat methodology. Never copy the content from your competitors or anywhere else. It's not only illegal but has big penalties. So, if you don't want such things to happen better stay away from copying any content. Always write your own ideas, google appreciates that. Being a beginner you will get stuck at some points but never stop. Keep yourself motivated to make as many pieces of research providing benefit to your writing and go on.

Mistake No. 8- Not maintaining Consistency with your posts

You have to be very particular in your posts. Maintain consistency with blogs this will help you stay motivated and energetic with your work. Try new ideas, solve different queries but also remember about the specific time which must be given only for your blog writing. Consistency helps you in many ways it makes you a better person and dedicated towards your work. This will make you a trustworthy and responsible author in front of your audience.

Mistake No. 9- Poor Tile and Description

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression, well this also applies with your blog posts. Once you start ranking on SERP, the title description will be the first interaction between your blog and your audience and if it's not strong and effective you will lose a point here. So, always remember to give the same amount of importance to your Tile and description as you give to the body section of your blog. 

Mistake No. 10- Not using relevant Images

Images speak a lot, at times the graphics you choose in your blog explain things much better than the text. So, don't just go for any random images, customise them properly and create a relevant image which will make a good impression over your audience. If your blog has lot of numeric terms and data. Go for graphs and pie charts to explain the numbers in a more precise way. Use different shades for the graphs and highlight the content on the images to give it an easy to read look.

This was all about the Blogging Mistakes and their Solutions, If you have not yet started your blog and have no idea how to begin read my blog with simple steps on how to start a blog.