E-A-T Update

E-A-T stands for Expertise,Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

Google comes up with regular updates, E-A-T is considered as a very essential update and explains perfectly what Google demands.E-A-T was introduced in the year 2018, also known as Google Terminology. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are considered as three important pillars which uphold the Google Search Algorithm.

Now let's discuss how to make a content that satisfies the demands shown up by E-A-T Algorithm.

This update was introduced some time back but still has the same importance as before. Unlike before it's not that easy now to make your brand rank at the top of SERP. Talking about the content, this update speaks exactly how your website content must be. It tells us that our content must have the three pillars of Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

For a better understanding lets just elaborate each term and get into the deep meaning about the three strong pillars.

1. Expertise: Providing content like experts. This means that the content must be knowledgeable and easy to understand, it should be of the type which solves different quarries at one go. This is mainly for the YMYL sites to provide with the best and true content in the site.

2. Authority: Your content must be powerful and must have high authority. Counting down the reviews, testimonials and bouncing rate of the website.

3. Trustworthiness: This is the strongest pillar of the three, it is so because it builds a relationship of trust between the content and the person who reads it. to make your content fall under this category you must examine the security and the quality of the site.

The main aim of Google is to provide high-quality search or content to its audience, all these small and big updates are just methods to keep away the spammers and irrelevant sites from the peoples reach.

Nobody want's to get unnecessary content regarding any search result. We all want an expert solution, content which has the authority and high level of trustworthiness. So, Google does that job and provides its users with what they want. Introducing E-A-T algorithm was the way to provide all the users with excellent and useful content. 

Whenever you publish an article or post a blog on your website don't make it spammy by using a bundle of keywords after every line, this will make your content low in quality and the readers will find no sense after reading your post. Keep your readers in mind and understand their need and quarries and then make your website or blog. Try to solve the different queries for what they landed on your website. This will increase the quality of your content and make it a trustworthy site.

In the year 2015 Google came up with its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. This explained briefly for any website to fall in a low-quality state or high-quality state.

Google has a huge team and they come up with new tools and guidelines regularly. every algorithm highlights the content, and as always said "Content is the king" So, till you keep making your Content rule your website kingdom you don't have to worry about any update. Just provide the readers what they are looking for and you will be at the top.

Now, this was all about the website and the content focusing on the E-A-T Algorithm, but you know what!!! The Author or The Writer of the Content must also fall under the E-A-T update category. An Author's profile has a huge impact on the SERP results. The authority of the author must be connected to high authority sites and social media handles. When a good deceptive profile is made by the author this will provide a strong impact on the trustworthiness of the website.

How to move and integrate your website to the Google E-A-T Algorithm

1. Empower your Content

As told already the main aim of any update is to provide its users and searches with the best high-quality results. Make a good research and deliver the best of content, assuring that the readers get what they want about that topic.

2. Look for good changes to bring in your website

Good regular updates and changes will make your website better in quality. So, first, have a look at your website and dig for the changes that can add more value to your website. Make sure any change may not bring any kind of negative or spammy impact on your website making your website to lose its authority and trustworthiness.

3. Optimize your website again

Check for the On-page SEO of your website. I choose the SEO Site Check Up tool for good results when it comes to the on-page of my website. Look for the speed of the website from GT-Matrix tool and shut down the causes that leading your website to perform slow.

4. Build Relations rather than just Backlinks to make your website trustworthy

Along with the On-page, a website also requires many off-page tasks to be performed. The best method of doing off-page for your website is making good and authority providing relations with relevant and high-quality websites. Don't go for the easy and spammy website which will degrade your website always build high-quality backlinks those are far far away from the spammy world. 

The E-A-T Update is all about making your website a good website, remove all the barriers stopping your website to be at the top and you are done. The E-A-T Defines all the barriers very precisely just have a good look into it. With the above guidelines, you can completely understand the E-A-T update and start your work for making your website to rank on the TOP.