improve content performance

"Content is the King" and maintaining it to stay the best is really important. The audience always prefers the best and so it is required to maintain the performance of to be the best from the rest of your competitors. Be it, anyone, everyone wants great content which has the capability to solve all the queries that pop up in mind. Well, be it Google, Bing or any other search engine they also rank the content which has a high performing value.

Google's different updates are a process to give its audience the best possible. Its main thought is to build a strong trustworthy relationship between the audience and the site publishing the content.

What is a Great Content?

We all know that the readers and search engines demand great content from any website to deliver the best to their audience. The website which has the best content performance is the one to rank on SERP.

But what is great content and how can your content be the best?

A great content is the one which is easy to understand, is from a trustworthy website, has the potential to solve different queries at one go, is addictively readable so that the audience may not get bored and leave the content in the middle and at last it should reach the right audience.

If your content can fulfil all these criteria than congrats you have done a great job!!!

Now after knowing what great content is let's see how to increase the performance of your content.

1. Use keywords that will drive genuine traffic.

Having a lot of traffic but no genuinely interested audience is of no use. to make your content perform better you must have a true audience for your content who will be benefited after reading your content.

For this you need to understand what keywords your audience uses the most on the search boards and then, use these keywords in your content so that it may reach the right audience who are looking for content like yours.

Know the intent of your readers and then you will find the right keywords for your content. These are three main types of search intent they are Navigational, Informational and Transactional. 

The Navigational one is the one to reach a particular site like "blogging digital blog", "Facebook", "Titan watches store", "Amazon website". Here the user knows what he wants and just searches to reach a particular site.

The Informational intent search is the one where the reader is willing to gain information about a certain topic. Here the searcher doesn't know about a particular website and just types the words he wants to know in detail. Example- "house decoration ideas", "horror novels", "fashion guide".

The third, Transactional search intent is the one like- "best fashion tags for Instagram", "subscribe to Danik Bhaskar daily news". Here, the intent is to perform an activity related to the web only. The searchers are ready to perform an action. The keywords used by them is a detailed long-tail one. They are ready to either buy or take any web action from their web-mediated activity

NOTE- Target the right audience by placing the right keyword and fulfil the search intent by your audience.

2. Making your Headline attractive and the one that explains your content.

No doubt, the content of your site must be irresistible and easy to read. But, a really major role is played by the heading you choose for your content. Your heading creates the first impression for your audience. And you very well know that "the first impression is the last impression". If you want your audience to stay connected until the end of your content then go for a highly attractive and helpful headline. Your headline must provide a realist experience to your audience, which can provide them with an idea about what your entire content is about.

Don't provide an unreal heading to just bring the audience to fall into the trap to enter your site. Remember once the reality will shoot your audience they will return back, leading to an excessive increase in bounce rate.

NOTE:- Use a realistic and powerful heading that can drive genuine and long-lasting traffic to your content. This will guide your audience in aright direction and will also increase the content's performance.

3. Maintain a Consistancy

The last thing you must always remember is to maintain a flow with your content. Along with maintaining proper consistency as a content creator you must avoid some mistakes. The ideas that help in the growth of your content are mentioned below.

1. Don't go for extra long Content.

2. Avoid writing stories.

3. Make your language easy to read and understandable.

4. Create a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

5. Use relevant images that related to your content.

6. Make sure all the linked keywords lead to the right source of information.

NOTE:- A content that solves all the queries and makes the audience happy with correct answers is the key factor that will increase your Contet's performance.