About Me

Hello!!! Ayushi here, Don’t just dream try, try and make it happen. I always Loved this phrase and no dout this always helped to build my career and live my dream. 

My Digital Marketing Story

My Digital Marketing Story

I love writing and Digital Marketing is my field of interest.

I have been into Digital Marketing since 2017, yes just a few years and I am continuously drawn to the new changes and updates that are made in SEO.

New techniques, tricks and upcoming latest ideas always attract me and no doubt SEO comes up with the latest updates every now and then

How I Started Digital Marketing

I started my career as a Tele-caller for sales and digital marketing services was a small part of it. Earlier I was completely unaware of the digital terms and hearing my colleagues always created a desire within me to know more about What Digital Marketing was!!!

Filled with all the curiosity in my head I started gaining knowledge from Google, watching videos on Youtube meanwhile I was sure that Digital marketing and SEO were the paths for my career, Later I joined classes to make myself confident enough to join a Digital marketing company in Bhopal.

What Kept Me Motivated?

My love for writing and exploring my talent always pushed me to gain more knowledge about Digital marketing. So, here I am before you with my blogs filled with new ideas for your business and career. My blogs will not only help the business owners but also the SEO and Digital Marketers looking for the best tricks and methods to rank their websites.