10 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO and Digital Marketing

In order to be a good Digital Marketer, one has to go along with the moving trends in the Digital Marketing industry.

The regular updates, the new tools and strategies all being helpful to increase the performance of the sites are the ones that a digital marketer has to take care of. 

Staying updated and having good knowledge about the helpful tools makes SEO work in digital marketing super easy. Applying the best strategies with the assistance of user-friendly tools makes it easier to upgrade a site performance. 

The 10 best tools as a Chrome extension that make my SEO work in digital marketing more productive and efficient are mentioned below. 
These tools help me a lot to boost my work. 

1. Grammarly-

This is the must to have a tool that is highly helpful in Content Writing. This tool helps you to be highly productive, accurate and good in vocabulary with your Content writing. 

Grammarly proves to be helpful with any kind of writing work you perform it is super easy to use and help you to edit any writing piece. 
When it comes to editing your writing work for stories, novels, social media or any assignment you work on. You can completely rely on this tool for the best editing experience. 
Grammarly scans the entire word document and helps you to fix all your writing mistakes. Those including grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and also punctuation errors. By using this tool you will get the best results and will be able to make the best of your writing. 

2. Moz Bar-

This tool helps you a lot at the time of SEO. It is super useful to understand the competitive ranking intelligence. This is designed by Moz and is especially to boost up the research process. 
This tool is very helpful to analyse links and with a single click, you can understand the complete SEO matrix of any website. 
Moz Bar has easy to understand features as:-

  • It helps to know the domain authority and page authority of any website, which makes it quite useful when building backlinks. 
  • The Moz Bar user can export the entire SERP's analysis in a file. 
  • It highlights the keywords of the website and guides the user to analyse the competitor's keywords. 

3. Ahref Toolbar-

Ahref is a well-known tool to all digital marketer and I found it super useful. You don't need to be an expert to use this tool it's completely user friendly and will help to understand all the SEO Matrix very easily. 
The different things that you can monitor about a page from the Ahref tool are

  • Social tags
  • Title and Description
  • Canonical URL
  • Crawlability
  • Headers and Subheaders
  • Word count

4. Cloud App-

When it comes to screen recording and sharing it at a single go this is the tool you need. 
You can stream online and also share any informative screen with your team. 
It has an easy feature to quickly capture the screen and share it with any of your partner you are online streaming with. 

5. Snippet-

As useful as the Google Snippet for featuring and providing the value and best content to its users, similar is this tool available with a Chrome Extension option. 
The digital marketer and the content marketers can easily mark the important content from the web as a snippet and save it for future reference to add value to this content writing. 

6. Keyword Everywhere-

This is a fabulous tool when it comes to analysing any factor related to keyword research. 
As keyword research is a major part of SEO this tool will help you to get a better and deeper knowledge about the keywords. 
With this tool, you can understand the following factors regarding keywords of any desired page-

  • Competitor's Keywords information
  • Search volume as per keywords
  • Trending keywords analysis
  • Cost Per Click( CPC) of a keyword

7. Bitly-

If you also get frustrated with the long URLs and especially they get more annoyed at the time of sharing it with your team. 
Then, this is a great tool that will help you to shorten your URLs and easily shave it with whomever you want. 
You just need one single click at the tool and the shortened URL will be copied to your clipboard from where you can easily paste it to your desired destination.

8. Pushbullet-

Yes, I understand how difficult it is to share data with yourself. I remember sending emails to myself whenever I had to share a file or content to myself. 
Pushbullet has made things super easy in the above-mentioned prospect. This tool allows you to send files, pictures, links from one device to the other with just one single click.

9. Twitter Auto Follower- 

No, this is not a tool that will cheat and grow followers. This is a tool that will help you to genuinely attract followers and also help you to increase the engagement rate. 
Follower helps the marketers like you and me to strengthen our social media profiles and broadcast our content. 
It is simple to use the tool and Fetches tweets every 30 minutes related to your current tweet and following. 
It's simple, the more you engage yourself to twitter the more this tool will help you to find tweets and increase followers.

10. Nimbus Screenshot

Are you eager about how you can create a scrolling screenshot? 
Well, the Nimbus screenshot is the answer to this. 
This tool is amazing when it comes to capturing a part of a webpage or the entire page while scrolling it down. 
The user is provided with the option to save the screenshot to your files or Google Drive. 
Not only this it has the feature to add arrows, circles and even creative borders to your screenshot. Worth a try!!! 


So, this was the list of my favourite Chrome Extensions and I hope these will be some way or the other be helpful to you. 
Now it's your turn to share some of your favourite tools or the Chrome extensions that you find helpful. Also, tell me the reason for the tools being your favourite in the comments below. 




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