6 Ways to Stay Motivated For Your New Business

Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. However, the more time you spend working on it, the more likely you are to lose sight of why you started in the first place.

A new business can be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but it can also be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. If you aren’t careful, this excitement can quickly turn into discouragement and even burnout if you aren’t prepared to deal with the inevitable ups and downs that come with running a small business.

In order to stay motivated as an entrepreneur,  here are some tips for staying motivated through the tough times so you can keep working hard towards your goal, however long it takes to get there.


1) Take Small Steps

Don’t think of your venture as one big feat that needs to be done at once. Instead, try taking small steps towards your goal. Don’t let yourself fall into a pit of despair if you mess up or things don’t go your way; instead, get right back on track and keep working towards whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. If you start out slowly but surely, over time you’ll be able to accomplish great things.

There are so many possibilities, and you’re feeling motivated and inspired. It can be tempting to try and do everything at once—to tackle all your goals at once instead of breaking them down into small steps. This is dangerous because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much on your plate, and when that happens you end up feeling frustrated with your progress, which leads to losing motivation altogether. Instead of taking on big tasks all at once, pick one thing you want to work on, such as setting up a mailing list or creating a marketing plan for your business.

2) Keep Setting Goals

Once you've started your business, make sure you set some SMART goals for yourself. They're short-term (usually 6 months), measurable (you can count them), attainable (you can actually do them) and realistic (they're not just successful). And don't worry about making them too high; as long as they stretch you a little bit, they'll be effective. To help keep your goal-setting going in a positive direction, try setting 3 mini-goals within one big goal so that you have something small to accomplish on a weekly basis. Check out more tips on our goal setting guide.

As a business owner, you’ll want to have goals for what you’d like your business to look like six months from now, one year from now and three years from now. Setting and working toward realistic goals will keep you motivated by providing direction. Try writing your goal down on a piece of paper, then posting it in your office or another place where you can see it every day. Don’t be discouraged if things take longer than anticipated; just be sure that you are regularly setting new goals and re-evaluating how well you’re achieving them. By keeping them written down and visible, it forces you to reflect on them often so that they don't slip through the cracks.


3) Encourage Yourself

The only thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from those who fail is the ability to deal with failure. If you’re serious about starting a business, you’ll need to learn how to handle disappointment and move forward. Take any setback as a learning experience and something that will ultimately make you stronger. It may take several setbacks before you get it right. If it does, keep at it! You can do it!

Take a moment every day, or every week, to go over your long-term goals and remind yourself of why you’re striving for them. Remind yourself how much further you’ve come than when you started, and how exciting it is that you can see yourself achieving them soon. It may sound cheesy, but positive reinforcement will do wonders in helping you stay motivated.


4) Reward Yourself

You will fail. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. The entrepreneur’s identity is inherently tied to failure. Many of us are perfectionists and expect things to go well from day one—but that’s not how it works in business. Learn from your failures and stay motivated for your new business!

If you stay motivated with short-term incentives, you’ll be able to see results much faster. Set up little rewards for yourself along your way and watch as motivation pours in. Whether it’s a little treat at work or a trip you’ve been wanting to take, as long as it keeps your spirits up then do it!


5) Learn From Failure

If there’s one piece of advice that’s often given, it fails fast. This is sound advice because it turns failures into learning experiences. It also reminds us that if we fail at something, we can just try again and again until we get it right.

It’s easy to get discouraged when something doesn’t go your way, and it’s tempting to blame failure on external factors like outside circumstances or other people. However, instead of blaming others for your failure, take responsibility for how you failed and reflect on why you made decisions that led you down a path of failure. Use those mistakes as opportunities for growth by learning from them.


6) Get Help When Needed

Starting a business can feel isolating—it’s natural to feel frustrated when you don’t know something, or overwhelmed by all of your new responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to get help when you need it; lean on your friends and family, seek advice from other entrepreneurs (and experts), or hire consultants or freelance professionals who can lend their expertise. No matter what, surround yourself with people who are supportive and understanding.

When starting a new business, there will be times when you’re unable to accomplish something by yourself. Whether it’s struggling with how to create a logo or figuring out which social media platforms would be best for your business, reach out and ask for help. With so many people needing assistance at any given time, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a few professionals willing and able to lend their expertise. A little investment in learning from others can yield huge returns on your new business idea.

Here were some tips that will help you to stay motivated for your new business. Was this blog helpful for you? Drop a comment !!!



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