Benefits of Google Analytics for your SEO Campaign

Benefits of Google Analytics for your SEO Campaign


Google Analytics is a tool from Google which give access to the users to better understand their audience and website's growth. It is a service to analyse the activity on a website with a full performance report, the users can easily track all the pages and internal links of their website and prepare a proper strategy for better results.

The different benefits of Google Analytics for Digital Marketing 

1. Analyse the behaviour of your Website and Audience

Once your website starts receiving traffic it gets hard to understand where your audience is landing the most, but with Google Analytics you can easily track your audience and find out the most viewed pages of your website. This will help you understand the preference of your audience and by working on it you will be able to attract more people to visit your website. 

2. It is completely free

The word free brings a smile on each face each time used, It is amazing that such an amazing tool with soo many features being free of cost. You can freely access it by integrating the HTML codes or feeding the tracking code on your website.

3. Track how people reach your website 

Yes, Knowing only the popular pages of your website isn't enough you must also know from where this traffic is emerging to your website so that you can put that one extra effort on that platform and reach out more audience. Google Analytics has this amazing service to list down the details about how people land up to your website.

4. Track the most clicked links

After creating a good website and perfectly interlinking it is the first step to gain traffic and the second step is completed with the help of Google Analytics, you can track the number of clicks on the links provided on any page of your website.

5. Analyse and set new Goals

Trying hard and hard for just one goal with the same strategy is not the path of success unless you try different options and methods to meet your goals you won't be able to achieve one. Google Analytics gives you the track of all the ups and downs about your website and audience, learn from the downfall and build new strategies for success.

Winding Up-

Google Analytics is a great service from Google for any kind of website owners, It has the most benefit to the business owners with a business website. All you have to do is learn to use it to the fullest and monitor your success day by day.Understand the graphs and learn from the downfalls and try to cover them up with new ideas.




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