An Ultimate Guide to Choosing the right Domain name

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Be it starting a Blog or taking your Business Online the first step one has to take is choosing the right Domain Name, A lot of quizzes are being played while the selection of your Brand name, and why not your domain name is your identity in the online world so its worth taking all the suggestions from every nearby, but I have a simple but ultimate guide for you to chooses the right website identity. After this, you will be all clear to get the best name for your website.

Now for the ones who are starting a new blog or business or you are taking your business online or planning to have a new change with the old Brand name you have landed in the right place. After reading this blog I am quite sure that you will be able to figure out a perfect Domain name.

1. Go for a  Short Domain Name

Try to keep a short but meaningful domain name, Going for huge 3 to 4 words domain names creates confusion and a rush in the mind of your Audience, Instead select a word that best describes your business or brand. For example, my website  provided clearance to the audience that if they are searching for any thoughts and guidance on Digital or say Internet-related Blogs they can find them here. 

So, make sure that the name you select is short but quite expressive to make the audience understand what your website is all about.

2. Opt for an easy to pronounce Name

If it’s easy to pronounce it’s easy to remember and that is what one is looking for that no matter what my brand name must be remembered till the end. Choosing a tough keyword would create confusion but if your domain name is easy to pronounce it will increase the brand-ability of the name.

So, for this don’t go for a very fashionable name instead go for a classy and easy to pronounce name.

3. A small touch of SEO

While planning and searching for your perfect Domain name it’s good if you can target any keyword but completely covering up the entire brand name with a keyword will not be good. Try if any of your keywords could fit into space but don’t overdo it.

Example- If I have a  business selling clothes online, I would never choose a domain like or type domain names these are completely keyword centric. Rather I would go for a name like or domain names which will completely express my business and sound classy.

select a domain
Choosing a Domain

4. Stay away from Hyphens and Numbers

As mentioned above that your domain name must be easy to remember. But if you add numbers to it it will become a difficult challenge for your audience to remember your website name. So, just go for the alphabet and avoid using Hyphens and Numbers.

5. Properly Research it.

Before finalising your Domain name have good research on it, check it thoroughly. Because if you select a name that is trademarked or copyrighted it will create a mess and legal actions can be taken. Which will cause you to pay huge bucks and lose your domain name.

6. Choosing the right TDL

These are the suffix used in your website identity. The most popular one is .com. It is highly popular but at times it is difficult to get a suitable single keyword domain name with a .com extension. If you don’t find your desired domain available with a .com extension no problem go for other options like .in or .info.

Where and How to Buy a Domain Name?

There are many companies selling domain names out there. And the prices also differ with the validity, Some famous names are, Go daddy, Filippa and many more. I bought mine from Go Daddy and it was really easy and affordable. There are different plans available with different validity extensions to choose from. Go for the most suitable plan and buy your desired Domain Name.


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