The Latest Free Marketing Certification Program by LinkedIn

The free certification program on Marketing is available to all, now you can become an Accredited LinkedIn Marketing Expert by just completing the Certification Program launched by LinkedIn. 

This free certification program is a boost for all the Social Media Marketing professionals out there because along with their experience in this field they will also have specialized knowledge in LinkedIn. 

The new certification program will help the employers and clients to recognize the excellence of a marketing professional with his specialised advertising in LinkedIn. 

This will help the professionals to take a step ahead and add a valuable mark regarding LinkedIn marketing, this is why they can differentiate themselves from other marketers. 

Not only this the marketing professionals will receive a special credential that will be added to their LinkedIn profile, marking them as proven experts. 

  • Why is the new marketing course different from the old one? 

LinkedIn launched its free course last year but did not provide any certificate or added credentials of proven experts on the profile. The professionals could take the course to enhance their skills but, they were not provided with a certificate. 

In the new course, the marketers can learn new skills, become an expert in marketing and will also be certified as experts in LinkedIn Marketing over their profile.

  • What does the LinkedIn Marketing Certification Program cover up? 

This program provides a large value to the marketers by helping them to showcase their expertise in LinkedIn Marketing. 

This certification program has two exams 
1. LinkedIn Advertising Fundamentals 
2. LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
There will be 60 multiple choice questions in each exam which the individual has to answer in 60 minutes, the certificate will be granted when the individual passes both the exams. 

1. Understanding LinkedIn Advertising Fundamentals Exam

This exam includes the Advertising Fundamentals of LinkedIn like optimization of an advertising campaign, targeting the right audiences, launching a successful campaign, analysis and reporting. 

There are certain optional courses and practice tests provided for the marketers to prepare for the exam and pass it successfully. 

The optional courses include 3 basic to advance level preparations. As these are optional the individuals can skip them and directly give the certification exams. 

The optional courses include-

Introduction to LinkedIn Ads

The professionals will learn here to create LinkedIn ad campaigns and optimize them to reach desired goals. 

Using LinkedIn Ad Targeting

Learn about how the targeting at LinkedIn works and practises. 

Analysing and Reporting for LinkedIn Ads

Here the marketers will learn how to properly analyse a campaign and improve its success rate with the help of optimization tips. 

These optional courses are "basic" level courses and have an estimated completion time of 45 minutes. 

2. LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Exam

In order to clear this Exam, the marketers must expertise the full-funnel LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. It has two option courses and a practice test. 

The two optional courses are-

LinkedIn for brand awareness

The marketers will learn to create brand awareness both through organic and paid methods on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for lead generation

Learn to generate leads and drive in more conversions. 

These courses are marked as the "intermediate" level and have an estimated completion time of 45 minutes. 

There is nothing to worry about if you fail on your first attempt and this is the best thing, marketers can take the exams as many times as they want and get a proven expert certificate. 

So, start your preparation now, pass the exam and get certified to be a LinkedIn Marketing Expert. 




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