How to Get More Likes on Instagram Simple and effective tips

Have you ever wondered why some posts on Instagram get so many likes, while others don’t? While there’s no exact formula to this, there are plenty of ways to increase the number of likes your posts receive on Instagram. This article will go over some strategies that can help you get more likes on Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. People love it because it’s an easy way to share photos and connect with others who have similar interests as you do. There are many ways to increase your Instagram following, but here are some ideas that will help you get more likes on Instagram.

  • 4 Easy Methods

1. Make sure your profile is complete: On Instagram, you can’t hide behind a Twitter or Facebook account. Show yourself! Complete your bio with a catchy tagline that gives a clear sense of who you are and why people should follow you. Also mention that it’s your personal profile—you don’t want anyone mistaking it for a corporate brand! And be honest about how many followers you have, too.

2. Be original and use high-quality, well-composed photos

3. Post Consistently: Posting consistently is one of the best ways to keep your audience interested and growing. The more content you share, the more likely you are to get likes, comments, and followers – especially if you post quality content.

4. Use relevant hashtags: Using relevant hashtags not only gives you a chance at exposure; it also helps people discover your account and check out your work right away.

  • Post at Peak Times

Between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm EST, when most people are taking lunch, tend to be prime times for engagement. And while you’re at it, try Monday mornings between 8:00 am and 11:00 am EST and Friday afternoons between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm EST.

When you post photos, they don’t show up immediately; rather, they make their way onto your profile as your followers browse and like other images. Because of how Instagram is designed, people are more likely to see a photo when it’s fresh—which means that if you want more likes, you should post at peak times for engagement.

  • Pay for Engagement

When you’re just starting out, Instagram can feel like an intimidating place. You want more followers, but you don’t know-how. Fortunately, there are many different ways to gain more followers quickly and safely; one of these methods is paid engagement. The idea behind paid engagement is simple: Find a bunch of accounts that have similar interests as your target audience and then pay them to follow you back.

There’s a reason social media influencers get paid—they know how to engage their audience. That said, you can easily pay for followers and likes (many sites offer these services) and then use that following as your foundation for engagement. One quick way to do it is by hosting a giveaway in which entrants must follow your account before they are eligible. That will likely boost your follower count quickly—not all of them will engage long-term, but some might.

  • Use an Influencer

If you’re posting to Instagram and want your content (and brand) to be seen by more people, cross-post it across other social media platforms. For example, if you share a photo via Instagram, upload it onto Twitter at the same time. (You can also use Hootsuite or another third-party tool that allows you to schedule social media posts.) When someone sees your post, they can like it on both networks—increasing your engagement level and potential reach. (Source: Buffer)

If you are looking for a way to increase your engagement on social media, one great way is by using influencers who have a strong following. Influencers can be content creators, celebrities or people with large social media followings. As an example, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who sells pet toys online. One influencer with more than half a million followers may reach more people than your target market of pet owners in general.

  • Cross-Post to Other Networks

You’ve probably noticed that not all your photos get equal attention on Instagram. So, how do you know which ones? Post them to other social media networks and analyze results (retweets, likes, etc.). If there’s a disparity between followers and engagement when it comes to certain posts, it may be time for a reshoot.

An important part of Instagram success is getting your images in front of more people, so make sure you’re sharing your images on other social networks. (Never mind that most people won’t see these other posts.) Cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter is a great way to boost your reach. But don’t stop there—share photos onto Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, or any social network where you have an audience.

Wrapping Up!

Likes on Instagram are an indication that your substance is resounding with supporters. Getting a greater amount of the places your substance before a bigger crowd, which implies more eyes on your message and expanded interest in your image. 

Following the tips in this post as a component of your web-based media system will assist you with making the substance that Instagram clients need to see while making it simple for them to discover. 

Best of all, these tips are on the whole free and simple to execute. Bring them continuously into your posts and measure how your preferences develop after some time. This will help you see which strategies work best with your adherents for long haul achievement.



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