Keywords, It’s Types and How To Use Them

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The search terms entered by a user in any search engine are defined as keywords. A keyword specifies the term in a matter of words that a user is searching for over the internet. When a search term is entered on any search engine the result pages pop up with a huge number of websites.

When a website is being optimized by an SEO professional they will work on a list of the keywords on which they want a particular website to rank on.

Before working on keywords a complete analysis of the keyword is done, as to which keyword will help the website to easily rank at the top of Google results.

Be it a single word or a long-phrase both are considered a keyword when being searched on the search engines.

Let’s have a complete understanding by an example.

Here is a result of the keyword or say the search term “Green Apple” and the results of the keyword “What are different kinds of apples”.

Keywords play a very important role in generating website traffic. With the help of different marketing techniques when you are able to rank your website on top of the results pages of any keyword searched you will be gaining a lot of traffic for your website.

Another method to rank your website is PPC(Pay Per Click) If you want to rank fast on a keyword and have an advertising budget then you can go for Pay Per Click where you have to pay Google each time your website is clicked. Here is an example of how PPC works.

This was all about what is a keyword and how a keyword drives traffic to your website. Before having a look at the different types of keywords and how they help you to get more traffic. We need to understand Primary and Secondary Keywords and how to use them.

Primary Keywords

These are the keywords which explain your business in a very precise manner. These are the search terms for which you want to rank your website. The primary keyword has the highest search volume and the optimization is done to rank your website over these keywords.

Secondary Keywords

These are the ones which are most close to the primary keywords, for example, Camera is the one having high search volume and these are our primary keywords now adding a bit more details to the terms of the primary keyword so, “HD Camera”, “multi-lens camera”, “Camera shops near me”.

Moving ahead here we will discuss the different types of keywords.

The different Keywords are Short-term Keywords, Long-term Keywords, Short-tail Keywords, Long-tail Keywords, Customer defining keywords and Product defining keywords. In order to completely understand how each keyword works and helps your website, let’s have a broader understanding of each keyword.

Short-Term Keywords:-

This is the fresh keyword you think of, These are the ones which will give you a short term benefit as these search terms are the ones that are highly popular and trendy for a short time but will give you a lot of new audiences. But once the popularity falls you won’t receive much benefit from these.

Just imagine if the last web series is trending everywhere but after some time it will have a fall. So, using the name of this series as a keyword will give you a sudden rise and new audience but will also fall after a time.

Long-Tail Keywords:-

These are the keywords that will benefit you in the long term. The search terms have good search volume for a lifetime and will keep benefiting you.

As these are the evergreen keywords you just have to keep your content updated with the changes appearing so that you don’t hurt the relevancy and keep gaining a new audience for your website.

Short-Tail Keywords:-

The keywords completely define what a user is searching for. These are greater than 3 words and specify what results a user wants. Compared to the short-tail Keyword they have lesser search volume but come up with a good conversion rate.

For example- In the “Phyathagores theorem” or “Black Nike Shoes”, where the intent is completely specific and so, the search results will also pop up with websites having these specific search terms.

Customer defining:-

Have a complete understanding of your audience, the location, and whether they are male or female. Also, understand they are a business person or the once doing job. So, defining your audience in the keywords will be a bucket full of advantages.

Example- A keyword “Digital Marketing Company“. So, making it clear or customer defining it you can specify it as a “digital marketing company in New York”.

Product defining keywords-

These are the search terms which directly refer to a Brand. These are the ones that define a product with the brand name at its best. If you are targetting the audience that is completely aware of the brand or the company a product is famous with you can have a phrase with the brand name as a keyword.

Example- Samsung mobiles, Nike shoes, Havells fans.

So, this was all about the different types of keywords and how each type can be beneficial to you.



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