Multitask Unified Model (MUM): A new technology by Google for Complex Search Queries

New technology is been developed by Google named MUM to understand the Complex Search Queries.

MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model and its aim is to answer the Complex Search Queries generated by Google users. 

At its I/O conference on Tuesday, Google said that they are in the process of exploring how to understand and better explore the language and be active enough to come up with helpful responses for their users.

As MUM is not live yet, but there are certain points on which Google gave a highlight. Let's have a look at them-

MUM helps to get things done fast

It is found that a Complex Search requires about 8 searches. 
The goal of Google MUM is to help its users get things done in fewer searches. 

There are many complex searches placed on Google and the idea behind MUM is to come with quick search results for them. 

Complex search like- "I have given the foundation exam for CA and now I am preparing for Inter, how should I prepare?"

Google has always found Complex Searches been placed on the search bar, where users and more into wanting the experience, the difficulty of deciding a product, the mechanism of using the right gear etc. 

The factor Google is working on right now is comparing whether MUM will be able to deliver the same response as a CA would give to the same question. 

They are finding that MUM could understand the User is looking for the extra effort he has to put in to clear the next stage of the exam. 

Here, MUM could understand that to "clear the exam" Activities like CA courses, good notes and previous question papers might be highly helpful. 

Not only this MUM could also understand the surface insights exploring deeper knowledge of the question being asked, but it could relate the term "exam preparation" to also the essentials that the student must carry to the exam Hall like the pen, ID and many more.

MUM is also built on a Transformer architecture just like BERT but is 1,000 times more powerful and has the ability to multitask and open up to new information in a new way. 

According to Google MUM has the best features and is able to understand the information in different languages and has the ability to deliver the best and complete results to the users.

No doubt, MUM will undergo rigorous testing just like the Google updates, Google says it will pay specific attention to this advanced AI system. 

The testing for the MUM has begun and Google says that it will apply this advanced AI to search results in a good and helpful manner. 

The users have to wait a while till this feature is being updated over the search results.

Sources: Google



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