An Ultimate guide on how to approve your Google AdSense Account

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Google AdSense is a simple and easy method to make money it connects the advertisers and the publishers. This is absolutely free and has a user-friendly UI. This process involves placing ads on your website. There are many publishers looking for a place to run their ads on the internet so, Google’s ad network connects these advertisers to the publishers who are willing to run ads on their website, let the ads run on their site and earn money and also help the advertisers to increase their sales.

This method doesn’t demand any extra marketing effort from the publishers in fact they just have to monetise their website and put more effort into creating the best content for their website and their readers.

Google AdSense Procedure

No doubt, Google AdSense is the best method of marketing for the advertisers and also for the publishers to earn money.

Earlier the AdSense approval procedure was very simple. The publishers just had to create a new AdSense account, wait for the team to review and accept your site, implement ads and start earning money.

But now AdSense has come up with new guidance and approval policies which demand the publishers to create the unique and best content on their site.

These are the guidelines for the Google AdSense account Approval

  • Make sure you have a user-friendly website.
  • Your website must be compatible with AdSense.
  • Sign up for a new Google AdSense account.
  • Follow the instructions and login into your account.
  • Add the code provided by AdSense to your website.
  • Wait for about one to two weeks for the AdSense team to review your account. And approve your website for Google AdSense.
  • You will receive a mail for confirmation.
  • Once your site is approved you can create the AdSense codes. Then place them into the sidebars or in a suitable place on your blog page.
  • The ads will be blank at the beginning as some approvals are still left. An Approx time of 2 weeks is required by the AdSense team to approve the ads. Don’t make the mistake of removing the ads.
  • Once the final approval gets over, you will receive a final confirmation mail from the Google AdSense team.
  • Now you will see some real ads by the advertisers running on your website. Once you earn $10 you will receive a mail with the PIN.
  • Login to your AdSense account and enter the PIN you received.
  • This was the last step for all the approvals,  now the entire procedure is completed regarding the approval of Google AdSense.
  • Once you reach an earning of $100 you will receive a wire or Google will send you the money. You can choose the method of direct money transfer which is fast and easy.

Though there are several approval steps required, once your website fits into the AdSense account without any extra effort you will earn a lot of money as a publisher.

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