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2021 May

10 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO and Digital Marketing

In order to be a good Digital Marketer, one has to go along with the moving trends in the Digital Marketing industry.

The regular updates, the new tools and strategies all being helpful t...

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2021 April

Storage Policy delayed by Google till February 2022, counting on slides, sheets, docs and more files against free storage limit.

Google policies aiming at counting Google sheets, docs, slides, forms and files have been delayed till 1 February 2022. Google claimed that about 4.3 million gigabytes of files are added across Gma...

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2021 April

SEO Strategies to Optimize your Blog Site

Do you know apart from the E-commerce sites the other sites that appeal to most of the web traffic are Blog ...

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2020 December

Keywords- Its Types and How To Use Them

The search term entered by a user in any search engine is defined to be a keyword. A keyword specifies the term in a matter of words what a user is searching for over the internet. When a search te...

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2020 October

6 Secrets to Write a Great Content

"Content is the King"We have always heard this phrase that writing a great content plays an import...

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2020 September

What matters more? Quality Backlinks or Quantity Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization has two important techniques one is the on-page optimization and the other is off-page optim...

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