Blogging is the best method to share your ideas, to communicate with your audience or if you are a business person then this is the best method to tell people about your products or services. Be it anything if you love writing and sharing your ideas nothing can be more exciting than blogging. Along with exploring your thoughts and educating people about any stuff blogging boosts up your self-confidence and the best part is you can make money from your blogs.

Now let's look at the steps which will help you to create an amazing blog

1. Select a relevant Domain name and web hosting.

Your domain name must express what your site is all about. It must be easy to remember and catchy because this will help your audience to easily identify you. After you are done with your domain name go for a good web hosting, Choose the right plan for your site and buy hosting. Wordpress is the most commonly used blogging platform. It provides you with a user-friendly interface and easy options to edit your website.OR You can create your own blogging site if you are good in web development or pay some web developers to create one for you.

2. Learn some basic SEO & SMM

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are very helpful for the promotions of your blog post. Before writing a blog, go for some SEO methods, learn to find out the keyword that will draw traffic to your blog. Write a good title description for your blog to make it rank over search engines and study about how Social Media platforms can help you target the right audience and increase the visibility of your blog.

3. Select a perfect topic and write your blog

Make sure your blog is profitable, the ideas given by you must be helpful for the people reading your blog, this is only possible when you have good knowledge about the topic you write. Before writing on any topic try to gain all the details about that topic. Choose a topic that you are most interested in. Express your ideas in simple language don't go for heavy words which will make it difficult for your readers to pull out the meaning of your blog.Find out suitable audience for your blog and target them.

Once you are done with your blog go through it once like a reader check if something needs to be edited, make sure the targeted keywords are correctly hyperlinked. Now Share your blog to different social media handles and promote your writing and monetize the growth of traffic to your blog.