content writing tips

"Content is the King"We have always heard this phrase that writing a great content plays an important role, but what is great content? How to analyse content is amazing or not. There are two factors on which one can analyse that the content written at their end has a perfect shot or not. The first thing you need to analyse is website traffic. Understanding the increment or decrement of traffic towards your website will give you a clear analysis of how your content is working with your audience. the second factor is the bounce rate i.e. how long does the audience stay at your website.

Now the question arises how to get traffic to your website? These are different methods but the two most used are The off-page SEO or call it the link building and the second one is Social Sharing. By these two methods, you can get a good amount of traffic to your website. In order to reduce the bounce rate, you should write content that connects to your audience and content that engages to your visitors so that they stay for a long time.

Moving on let's get toknow how to write great content, you must know that great content is the result of great research and a good amount of time spent on your writing work. We all know that the idea behind great content is to increase the site value and mark your hard work and time spend on content writing with good grades. Along with time and research, you must also remember that your content must be unique as it is end to end clear from Google that it will penalize the sites with duplicate content, and no one wants to get into the path where their entire energy, resources and time are exposed to just a waste.

For making your site rank on Google let's have a look at the six secret tips to write great content and rank your website.

1. Writing Unique Content.

As already discussed, how Google penalises the sites with duplicate content but the other way round of Google methodology is a piece of good news, Google rewards the sites that have unique or original content, Yes! by publishing a unique content you can increase the ranking of your website in a very healthy manner.

It is not that difficult to write unique content. You just have to follow your ideas and the knowledge you gained from other good resources. Always remember originality is what demanded by the audience and also by Google. So, instead of wasting your energy in thinking how to copy content without getting penalised by Google, spend time in exploring your ideas and giving the audience what they are looking into a content.

2. Mention What, Why, Who and How in your writings.

Before writing a content you must know what your audience is looking for, as it is said that "Marketing to all is Marketing to none." this simply means that if you don't know what audience you are targeting on you are just wasting your time over marketing. Similar is the case for your content. Just writing a lot of content without answering the people reading it is just a waste of time.

Your audience revolve around the questions on What, Why, Who and How. So, why not answer them. Always remember if your audience will get the answers to all their quarries they will return back again and again and along with this they will save and share your content to other groups resulting in an increase of traffic.

3. Writing a strong and catchy headline.

Your headline has to be strong and captivating it is so because 80% of people will read your headline but only 20% of those people will move further and read what's inside.

Now grabbing those 20 % audiences is possible only when the headline presented by you is satisfying enough for them to read the content hiding beneath.

Your heading has to be of the manner that it pulls people to fall for it enough attractive and enticing.

4. Build accuracy and a source of Information.

Providing incomplete or false knowledge is proven to be dangerous. You have to be accurate when it comes to writing content. A broken or incomplete blog can harm your company or your personal brand for which you write blogs.

Not only the content has to be a good source of information with valid resources being mentioned, but you also must take a look at the different links and stats mentioned in your blog.

Let's suppose you had to mention a source of information landing to some other blog of your own website but what if the link is broken or the third party has removed that page from their website. This will result in an incomplete blog and will create a bad impact on your website. You have to stay updated and also update your blogs on a regular basis.

5. Create Engaging and Inspiring Content.

Your content has to be engaging that will help you to build a website where people love to spend time on. While writing content starts off with some stories as people love reading stories this will help you to generate a good engagement time.But don't come up with long and never-ending stories, just a small experience is a healthy start.

The next thing you can do to build high engagement with your audience is leaving them with some surprise quarries. This doesn't mean that you have to leave your blog incomplete and with no source of information. You just have to raise questions to your audience where they can get the feel of being involved with the blog.

6. Use good communication skills and Informative Infographics.

The way you communicate through your content is highly required to build up great content. Engaging communication makes the audience comfortable and increases engagement.

When posting your blogs never publish them without images. your images and videos speak a lot as they are much easier to understand and are an eye-catcher. Don't just copy an image from the internet, create one of your own and remember to make it easy to understand mentioning the highlighted points. It is suggested that using a lot of colours and animations to your images and videos can degrade it as people are looking for a set of information and not for a sparky and colourful look.

These were the tips that can help you in writing great content that deserves to be ranked on SERPs. Summing up the entire thing you have to make sure that you write unique content with well-explained infographics. Remember to have a healthy engagement with your audience so that they stay for a long time at your website. Use the method of story writing but also make it end up providing information mad knowledge. Practising these methods will help you a lot to create content that is loved by the audience and can be ranked over the different search engines.