quality backlinks

Search Engine Optimization has two important techniques one is the on-page optimization and the other is off-page optimization. A complete guideline to on-page and off-page SEO is highly required to have a better understanding of how to perform a good SEO and rank website.

On-page Optimization is a short term process and is done within the website, whereas off-page requires a lot of time and efforts o build relevant and good quality links.

Now talking about the process of building backlinks the common question that arises in every mind is what is more important Quantity or Quality?

Moving ahead we will be discussing both the Quality backlinks and the Quantity required while building backlinks. But before that let's take a look about targeting keywords and google indexing methods. It takes about 10 weeks for Google to up rank a link. The SERP algorithm is a weird scenario and Google takes time when it comes to upgrading one potion per link.

While getting all your keywords sorted to use in your website, find out the most important keyword among them and place it before the other keywords in your blog. Use the concept of internal linking, as this will reduce the bounce rate and you will experience a better audience engagement. These are some general SEO tips which will help you rank your website faster.

Now, Let's start with the Quality Backlink building process.

This is a real-time taking job. You need to have a lot of patience when it comes to building high-quality backlinks. It is so because the most common method is building a network. You have approach your competitors and also try to build a connection with the websites which have a DA above 90 and this takes a long time as you have to build a strong network and approach them to place your link as an article or social bookmark in their website. Though this is a tough method, but if you have a great communication skill and can impress people with your ideas then you are no far from ranking your website in a couple of months.

High-Quality backlinks do magic to your website you can see a continuous growth with each backlink being indexed. Another method is creating infographics, yes you read it right when it comes to creating an empire of high-quality backlinks this method helps a lot. You can use different tools and create unique and impressive infographics. After this, you need to perform a small search about the different bloggers who post creative infographics on their website, and this is the point when you earn a link, approach them over a well-written mail and ask them to favour you by putting your infographic which can relate their blog. It's possible that you may be left read or receive a reply "no such requirement" but don't stop it. Keep approaching different websites and remember creating an impressive infographic in exchange for a backlink.

The next method to build High-quality backlinks is again dependent on research. Here again, you have to search for broken backlinks on others website. There are some free and also paid tools available in the market for finding the broken links of a website use them. Once you find any broken link in website mail them ask them a favour to enter your URL in their website. Check if the website uses any quotes, if they do so, suggest them a good quote with your URL being mentioned in one of the keywords. By this method, you can earn a genuine backlink which will stay for a long period of time.

This was all about building high-quality backlinks and the efforts and time required to earn it. Moving on let's talk about the backlinks build in huge numbers. When it comes to quantity it requires much fewer efforts than building quality backlinks. You can easily get the list of sites where you can build backlinks without approaching a third party or mailing them.

A quick search of off-page techniques will come up with methods like Article submission, social bookmarking, directory submission and many more. After understanding this you need to build up unique and fresh content for each technique. Don't mix up your contents and don't repeat the same content in more than three websites. the only struggle required here is releasing new content every time.

Be it Article submission, Directory submission, Classified ads place unique content and unique infographics. The newness of the content will create a boost in your link building process and help you to create a set of great quantity backlinks.

In the process of building, huge quantity backlinks remember to monitor each site that hosts these backlinks. Go for sound quality websites. Check for the spam score and then place your links. Going through the spam score is highly required as a high in spam website will degrade all the link it hosts.

Domain Authority is also a major factor when we talk about building links for our website. A specific criterion for choosing a host site is divided into three Domain Authority sections.

1. Domain Authority (60-100) - Best Host

2. Domain Authority (40- 50) - Is fine

3. Domain Authority (below 40) - Not recommended

Backlink building is a long process but once your website starts to rank the results will be just amazing. Google Analytics is a perfect platform for SEO where you can monitor your audience and work accordingly So, here we have discussed both about the Quality and Quantity and I believe that it depends on the person to choose which is more comfortable for him. If you are good at networking then go for Quality backlinks if you wanna sit back and build a number of links go for it. Both will come up with good results.